New LimeSDR no RX :(


I just received my LimeSDR today and I think it might be faulty.
I am using Windows 10. I have a discone antenna connected to RX1_L
Following the USB Quick Test instructions, I can see the correct results in the FFT viewer for the loopback WCDMA test.
However, the 800MHz (example.ini) test shows only a very low signal.

SDR Console in the FM radio frequency also shows no signals.

Curiously I have also noticed after running SDR Console the temperature is stable around 51°C.
However, when I open the example.ini file in Lime Suite the temperature quickly rises to around 80°C.

The LimeSDR board does not have any signs of physical damage.

Does anyone have any suggestions or similar experience?

Thanks from Australia.

Try different frequency and for the temp its normal that the card goes up to that temp like mine thats the only complain i have even it just plug ins temp goes high right away from 30 to 76 degrees.

Thanks Ancer for the confirmation on the temps.

Turns out I made a newbie mistake and had no antenna selected in SDR Console.

Selecting the correct antenna allows signals to be received. Solved.

Very welcome the only thing with lime is kinda hard to make it to work for the 1st time specially with suite just need patient and should work awesomeness lol.

Hey Philip, where did you select the antenna? I’m having a similar issue.