Luftek enclosure [split from Hammond case topic]

I sent out first sample of “kit” to owner of LimeSDR.
I have more PCB to send out to owners, that maybe want this setup (send a PM with address)

Not as slim as ones from previous posts but works for my fake board :slightly_smiling:
Some features to be added like leds, dipswitches maybe later (by replacing pcb front or rear panel).

All images:


76x35 version is in fab house. Looks much smaller than 97x40. After I can confirm 1st sample is ok I will probably make them available on eBay (like I did for 1st sample batch, all gone (; ).

Great! Smaller version looks much more attractive for me :wink:

will the enclosure be ready to use?


If you mean that I will provide a kit? Then NO. I don’t see how this would work. I don’t have the place&money to stock all materials. You have a list in BOM.xlsx with eBay links I used and then you decide what you need.

I plan to make a second 76x35 front panel as I see not all would like 10 sma connectors on it, probably just 4 (two rx, two tx)

Nice ideas luftek,i just checked the github page of your project and I am definitely looking forward to the 76x35 version.

76x35 version is available
still don’t have real LimeSDR :smiley:



Do you have feedback from someone who already has the limesdr?

Looks interesting!

…If you’re looking for Beta Tester for the case… :slight_smile: #IHaveALimeSDR

Ok, I will keep that in mind for any future versions. Thank you

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Yes. I received feedback from Josh, USA for first version 97x40

@luftek I have unfortunately missed your second batch on eBay, do you plan third batch of 76x35 version (full with 6 connectors)?

3rd batch will include two front panels (10 and 4 version). :wink: Regards

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Hello. How much will each case cost?

Great! Also do you plan to use black PCB for new batch? Black PCB would look much better with black case :slight_smile: But it is only cosmetics, nothing important.

When do you expect new batch to be available? I wouldn’t want to miss it again :slight_smile:

I will post update here.
About 10$ + shipping

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how do i order?

@luftek, where did you order PCBs?

@leoha Still waiting for 3rd batch :confused: Chinese Holiday should be over, but no replay from Fab House for now. :slight_smile: Hopefully this version came out great, waiting for photo of one panel before sending them out. I use Dangerous Prototypes DirtyPCB service, link in BOM.xlsx