LimeSDR XTRX mPCIe SDR readies for launch!

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The old Fairwave version had a bandwidth of “120 MSPS SISO / 90 MSPS MIMO” - will the LimeSDR XTRX have such specs?
The Fairwave stack was pitifully full of bugs. My XTRX had never output something else than white noise. What are the progress of LimeMicro for this?

Will the “PCIe x2 + Front End Adapter” also be available ?

Need to confirm, but I would think so.

The FPGA will have a different gateware, which provides Lime Suite compatibility. Hence it will appear just like any other LimeSDR and be usable from LMS API and gr-limesdr etc.

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Not initially, but I’m sure it could be if there is sufficient demand.

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Is the PCB revision the same as the Fairwaves one? Are there any plans to publish the FPGA code?

No, there has been a lot of redesign to make improvements and incorporate replacements for parts which cannot be sourced (nothing that should change performance).

You can see for yourself:

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I was hoping to use my original XTRX with the new Gateware to use gr-limesdr and Limesuite.
If the FPGA connections with LMS7002M and the PCIe connector are the same it should be possible.

I think the optimisations are mostly related to layout, smaller passives and replacing some EOL parts. Suspect you could use the new gateware, but @Zack could confirm.

It would bei very nice, if even XTRX rev 4 could be used with Limesuite and gr-limesdr, so please check if this could be implemented too, thx

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Hi @booth,

Our goal is to support original XTRX i.e. we are implementing LimeSuite compatible GW for XTRX rev. 5 boards.

this is very good news for me. I have one XTRX and haven’t been able to get it working yet, the libraries are outdated and buggy.
Litex framework is the best choice!

When I look at the Limesdr comparison table, the sample rate of
LimeSDR 61.44 MSPS
LimeSDR-Mini 30.72 MSPS
LimeSDR-XTRX 30.72

For the PCIe version, I would expect to reach 61.44 MSPS. Where is the bottleneck?