LimeSDR XTRX PCIe Adapter Board

Will the “PCIe x2 + Front End Adapter” also be available ?

Not initially, but I’m sure it could be if there is sufficient demand.

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Do you have any plans for production?
If my understanding is correct, the XTRX used reserved pins as PCIe lanes (PCI_RX1 / PCI_TX1).
So, the XTRX with normal PCIe x1 to mPCIe convert card can’t achieve 120 MSPS SISO / 90 MSPS MIMO.

@andrewback : +1 for a “PCIe x2 + Front End Adapter” for us also. If we could get back at least what the former LimeSDR USB was able to do, my company could switch back to LimeMicro product. Actual LimeXTRX, how interesting it may be on paper, lacks mPCIE support in many PC motherboards

We are looking into this and hope to have some news soon.

Moved posts on this to a new topic as it was at risk of getting lost in amongst other unrelated posts.

By way of a brief update: we should be testing the first boards in the coming weeks.


Earlier today I pinged across an e-mail to those on who commented with interest in the PCIe adapter board. Should this still be of interest if you could get back to me ASAP, as I may be able to get a prototype board to you.

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