LimeSDR USB Case

Been looking for an alternative to the Hacker Case and Acrylic. Found this looking online:

Was curious if anyone has picked up one of these and how they liked it.


I don’t have that version of the case (I have an earlier one), and can say I am quite happy with it. Would definitely recommend it.

Don’t have one but this looks pretty well done. My short experience with the Lime USB board is that shielding is highly needed, and the UFL connectors are far to fragile for repeated use. They almost should not sell the board without something like this.

I can’t tell from the pictures, but of the end cuts of the extruded section are painted or anodized, you should remove that carefully to improve the closure. You might also find that something like this can be used as a gasket.
Bertech 36 Yards Long Conductive Grid Tape, 1.9 mil Thick on 3" Core Amazon link

Does anyone know of there is a shield can that fits the RF section of the PCB?