LimeSDR 3D printed case

I designed and uploaded a 3D printed case design to Thingiverse. You can check it out here:

Right now I just have the STLs uploaded, I will add pictures tomorrow when I can get some help from my wife and her DSLR. I’ve been using it for a week. Let me know if there are any features or options you would find useful. I can create variants with more/less antenna ports, different profiles, etc. etc. etc.


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I have three issues

1.layer is too thin,recommended more than 0.6 mm

2,can not alignment.

3.J13 jumper too long,can not close case

Hi @jocover, thank you for the feedback.

  1. I can make the cuts thicker
  2. I am surprised by the alignment issue. Mine fit with some light sanding to remove excess plastic. Which revision of the board do you have? (I am using 1.4). Can you please measure the distance from the edge of the case to the power header? I can make the holes larger to accomodate for variations.
  3. My jumper fits. can you measure the height of the pins please so I can make the case larger?

I will make adjustments to fit. Thank you,


my limesdr is v1.2,maybe have some different

Hi @jocover

Can you give me the height of the jumper pins, and the size (height, width) and location (distance from edge of board) of the power plug?

i will look at the schematics too and make the holes bigger to accomodate both in a day or two. I updated thingiverse to note that this current case is specific to v.1.4. Thank you.


I have a LimeSDR v1.4 with the “larger” USB-A connector compared to the micro-USB connector and it doesn’t fit in this case. There have to be a little outbreak at the bottom part of the case for the usb connector because it is at the same level like the pcb. Can you maybe make a second lower part with this spared out?
Else i have to grind it away which would also work. :slight_smile:


Rainer, thanks this explanation makes more sense than the one you left on Thingiverse. Can you take a picture and/or propose dimensions to fix? thanks.

Sorry if my first comment on Thingiverse wasn’t clear enough. :sweat_smile:

Here is a photo of the board lying on the bottom part and standing up at the edge of the connector. I can try to measure the dimension needed for the cut out.

Thanks. That picture is worth 1,000 words. Can you take some dimensions for me? How wide is the connector, and how far does it extend below the bottom of the board? And does it appear to line up OK with the top piece? thanks

I can update thingiverse this evening


The connector is 12mm wide and exactly centered. So it is 24mm from the edge of the connector to the board edges. It extends 1.0mm below the bottom of the board.
The top case does fit but the cut out for the connector is a bit too large for this USB-A type. But i think this doesn’t matter much.


I added a “LimeSDR_base_USB_A.stl”. Give that a look and tell me if I did it right.

Also if you give me exact adjustments for the lid I’ll be happy to update that as well.



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Hi Philip,

this new lower part looks quite good. But i think i will not reprint it and instead make this break out by manual tooling to the already printed lower part. It would be a waste of material not to use the already printed part. :smile:

The upper part is ok and i don’t think it needs to be modified. The little free room above the connector is alright for me.



I agree on modifying existing prints - I do this all of the time. Thank you for your feedback as it provides a better product to future users. Cheers,


What is the thermal performance of these parts? Also have you tried printing them using metallized plastics to reduce/eliminate RF leakage?

I’ve done 20 minute transmissions (see my blog post: and have done reception for multiple hours. It gets warm to the touch but not unbearable. I have not used metallized plastics.


Here’s a case I designed, with one of the recommended fans. It’s on Thingiverse (but in moderation at the moment).

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Link to case on Thingiverse:

I’m personally using this one:

I created a new model for the USB Type B board with embossed labels on each port:


While my first case works it’s pretty tight in there and I wanted to add room for a fan and some heatsinks. I’m still running through some test prints and waiting for a few fasteners but I think this is getting close to a final state:

In order to get all the dimensions correct, I have converted the Altium Designer PCB project into an STL which you can download here.

edit: cover turned out great!

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