LimeSDR mini v2.2 problems, completely lost!

Hi all,
Just new to this world and already regretting my choices in life!
I have a LimeSDR mini v2.2
I have been to the MyriadRF pages for support and found a lot on LimeSDR or firmware for LimeSDR mini v1.2, nothing for what I have (not sure if I need a firmware update or not, but running out of ideas!).
Currently on Raspberry Pi 3B+, I have LimeSuite and GQRX installed.

Problem is, I can not see anything with my LimeSDR mini, with an RTL_SDR I can see 460MHz, record it, etc… Lime says that there is nothing there (not even a noise floor). So, I think there is a problem.
The software sees the LimeSDR, it is a valid option, I can select it and configure it, but nothing actually happens.
I have 1x blinking green light in the middle of the 2 SMA connections (from what I have found, that is not a “fault finding” tool, just a user-configurable LED (?)).

So, LimeUtil --update gives me this:
Connected to [LimeSDR Mini [USB 2.0] 1D90…]
ProgramWrite length should be > 0
Programming update failed!

change to sudo LimeUtil --update:
Connected to [LimeSDR Mini [USB 2.0] 1D90…]
–2023-12-07 17:14:31--
Resolving (… 2a03:b0c0:1:d0::eed:8001,
Connecting to (|2a03:b0c0:1:d0::eed:8001|:443… failed: Connection refused.
Connecting to (||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found
2023-12-07 17:14:33 ERROR 404: Not Found.
Failed: wget --output-document="/root/.local/share/LimeSuite/images/22.09/LimeSDR-Mini_HW_2.0_r2.2.bit" “
Programming update failed!

The OS build is brand new, update/upgrade come back with 0 needed.
I have an internet connection, when I go to and poke around, I can see heaps of stuff, but nothing for v2.2.

Any help, at all??

So, my end result (in case you know a better way) is that I want to be able to ‘retransmit’ a recorded signal. Simply, I want to record a signal at 460MHz (example) and then later reply that signal on 470MHz. Just playing around and trying to see how it all works/looks, but really struggling to start this project!

You shouldn’t.

Lime Suite installed how and what version.

Sounds like it, but more than likely just a software and/or configuration issue.

Firstly, I’d suggest starting out by using a laptop or desktop computer. A Raspberry Pi 3B+ should be fine, but it’s best to start out with something a bit more powerful and that has USB 3.0, in part because this can deliver more power and USB 2.0 is a bit borderline in terms of power budget.

OK, now I see you are running Lime Suite 22.09, which pre-dates LimeSDR Mini 2 support. If you have installed Lime Suite from packages, please uninstall these and build from source.

Building from git master should be fine, but if you want a tagged release, check out v23.11.0.