LimeSDR mini v1.2 USB did not work


My LimeSDR mini in use stopped working, the computer showed error 43 and that you can not recognize the usb device.
From then on, the LEDs glow red and green and the computer no longer sees LimeSDR mini.


@SQ9IWE - Macon,

Welcome to the LimeSDR forum…! Please make sure you use LimeSuite to see if you can connect at all and, if so, update your gateware. If you cannot connect, please recheck your installation of drivers for the LimeSDR Mini either for Linux or Windows (whichever you used to run your Mini with apps), power off the PC, reboot and try connecting in LimeSuite again.

Let us know your progress and again, welcome to the forum…!

73 de Marty, KN0CK

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Unfortunately, all the attempts you have described fail. The attempt on another computer ends with error 43 and the computer itself shows no sign of the connected device.


@SQ9IWE - Marcin,

First off, what OS are you trying to get your Mini running? Please let me know the OS (Windows or Linux) and then we can take it from there. Also, you MUST run the Mini from USB 3.0 resources on your PC no matter what - USB 2.0 can make it marginally operate. Please let me know the above.

73 de Marty, KN0CK


The system is Windows 7 and of course lime was connected to USB 3.0 and after a few hours it stopped working. Maybe the FT601Q converter fell ??


@SQ9IWE - Marcin,

It would appear so - HW failure. Get ahold of @Zack and request an RMA.

73 de Marty, KN0CK

@Zack - Please review the above and comment if there is more work to be done here before RMA - TNX.


Is it possible to check the FT601Q because Lime has a JTAG connector, unless it is used to program a completely different lime element.



Try this, please:


No device is connected to the machine!
Please connect a device!



Contact Crowd Supply and see if RMA is applicable in your case. Sorry for inconvenience.