LimeSDRMini no USB connectie!



I have a LimeSDR Mini V1.2 (purchased on 22-5-2019) that on initial arrival responded OK, and had its firmware/gateware upgraded to 1.29 (using LimeUtil on a Raspberry Pi) successfully.

On the next attempt at use, it failed to respond to USB. It is not listed in lsusb on a Raspberry Pi, and on Windows 10 it says “Device Descriptor Request Failed”. This is the same for USB2 or USB3 sockets on the PC, and the same computer responds properly to a working LimeSDR Mini.

Neither LimeUtil nor the LimeSDR_Mini EEPROM programmer can see the device (but they can both see a working LimeSDR Mini).

The on-board LED flashes red/green when it is plugged into a USB socket, the power supply rails seem normal and I cannot see any sign of mechanical damage. I can’t access the device serial number, but the sticker on the underside of the board is 3449392.

Do you have any other ideas, or is RMA the only option?

73" Jack PA0BOJ

LimeSDRMini USB connection not working


I have a problem with my purchased Lime SDR Mini cs-lime-05 that the USB port connection no longer works.

What I note when I connect it is that it is signaled that an unknown USB device is connected but it is not recognized.

On a Windows 7 computer he will indicate Code 43 as a message. Both Green and Red combi LED are constantly lit on the print board.

After visiting the site of

driver reinstalled and the test program will not work due to not found USB device.

Also 5V voltage controlled and USB-2 Hub applied give no change and the USB connection cannot be used.

73"Jack PA0BOJ



Could you boot your PC to Ubuntu using live CD and check it using lsusb command, please.

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I did the LsUSB test with Live CD UBUNTU, the LimiSDR-Mini is still not found. See attachment photos.


Hereby an RMA request!