LimeSDR Mini USB Fault

I have a LimeSDR mini v1.1 with a manufacturing defect on the USB connector. The mechanical solder joints were poor from the factory, see the imgur link below:

I have used this board for about a week now on and off, and didn’t notice the poor joints until it stopped responding to being plugged in (doesn’t show up in lspci or device manager). Once the joints had failed completely, I wicked off the old solder and re-soldered the USB connector and it shows up now, but when I open up GQRX (or SDRCube) I get the message:

[ERROR] Write(64 bytes) failed

Over and over until the program terminates.

If I open LimeSuiteGUI I can see the board, and hit connect on it, but I get the same error as GQRX.

Where should I go from here? I’m guessing it lost the FTDI firmware? Or would this be more in the realm of the FPGA firmware? I do have an Altera ByteBlaster so I can re-flash any and all firmwares on the device if needed.