LIMESDR-USB broken / possible hardware issue out of the box

I recently received my new LimeSDR-USB and started following the quicktest & setup instructions right away.

First of all, after close inspection of the board after receiving I noticed that a component may not have been placed/soldered correctly. There seems to be a loose wire (see image below) that should be soldered onto a nearby pin. All other similar components on this board have this wire soldered on.

Additionally, I ran the quicktest program on the limesdr-usb and it passes. (see images below)

Moving forward, I followed the instructions on the limesdr-usb quick start page: The instructions I followed are here:

Step 3: Connect to LimeSDR-USB board

I’m able to see & connect to the board without issue (see image below)

Step 3.3: Configure SXT.

Clicking “calculate” results in errors when setting the log level to “debug”. (VCO too high & tune fail)

Clicking “Tune” on the SXT tab results in more errors in the log window stating “failed to lock”.

Step 3.4: Configure CLKGEN->Calculate

Clicking on “Calculate” on the CLKGEN tab results in a “failed to lock” error message


During the loopback test I’m able to successfully load the WCDMA waveform file without issue.

When attempting to view the data in the FFT Viewer, I do not get the bandpass in the FFT window as the tutorial shows.

Does anyone have any pointers on how I can get the setup to work?
Is the loose wire a severe issue (it seems like YES…but I’m not certain)? If the board is DOA due to this wire issue or something else, can I send it back to get fixed/replaced? I got the board from CrowdSupply so I’m not sure who to contact about replacing/fixing the unit.

Thanks in advance & I apologize if I posted this question in the wrong place!

It looks like it’s been soldered fine, but at some point possibly knocked, causing the ferrite to lift off it’s base and a wire to break.

Should think it would mean that the Tx port in question would not work.

@Zack, could you help diagnose, please.

Hi @ldartez,

This is definitely an issue. Ask Crowd Supply for replacement.