LimeSDR Mini on USB 2.0 port

Is it ok to use LimeSDR Mini on USB 2.0? I have recently received replacements for LimeSDR-Mini. I don’t want any unnecessary trouble, so can anyone give me some info?

USB2 is not powerful enough to supply LimeSDR Mini, although it is application dependent.

Even when there are enough amps going to the LimeSDR Mini from the USB 2.0 port, I run into issues when the timestamp gets out of sync.

I have been running a LimeSDR Mini plugged into a Raspberry Pi 3B+, which only supports USB 2.0. It seems to work just fine, both for receive and transmit, but at lower sample rates, 240 ksps to 5Msps, streaming IQ data to my iPhone, which does all of the DSP and panadapter graphics.

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I tried to run Osmocom basestation on my netbook with Lime Mini connected to USB2.0. Work like a charm. Without any issues.
And one advantage of USB2.0 is much less noise on spectrum.