LimeSDR / LimeSDR mini USB 2.0 backwards compatibility

Hello, I am planning to buy a LimeSDR, but I am not quite sure how well it is going to work on my old laptop:

  • only USB 2.0 ports
  • Intel Core i5 CPU (integrated Intel HD Graphics) with OpenCL 2.0 support

I read that the bandwidth of USB 2.0 is compared to USB 3.0 significantly smaller, limiting the transmission of samples. Does anyone have experience with a LimeSDR connected to an USB 2.0 port? What performance is to be expected?

5MHz - 10MHz bandwidth is what I found on my old system with USB2, it would be unreliable much higher than that.

different version of limesuite install different version of firmware. I found that firmware version 18.06 is not able to communicate over USB 2.0, except to perform self-test.

I found that the limesdr_toolbox software can fill the transmit fifo, but the LimeSDR-USB never reads data from the transmit fifo. The limesdr_toolbox software gets stuck once the lime::StreamChannel’s fifo is full.

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I just tested mine on ubuntu 18.04 and it performs just as well as you state. Thank you!