Limesdr mini dead afer RX broadcast FM

How do i go about RMA this board? I was using HDSDR for listening to broadcast FM, and the board stopped working. No lights, no boop boop, even on another computer.

Thank you. i think it’s something with these two chips in the middle of this picture. Can anyone look at their boards at those chips with a magnifying glass and see if they normally look like that?

edit: this is a macro image of my limesdr mini, not something i pulled from the internet

Ah, couldn’t say for certain, but I think that looks like fried power supply. @Zack, what do you think?

Yes, looks like power supply module has burnt out.

Is it user-replaceable? what should i do?

Not unless you have the capability to rework surface mount devices, however, my guess is it’s possible something else failed and in turn caused the power supply to fail. Can you contact Crowd Supply to arrange an RMA.

Will contact crowd supply, thanks.

Crowdsupply has not responded, is there another way to contact them? @andrewback


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Thanks, Andrew. It’s en route.

Is it possible for me to purchase a replacement for the list price of $99 since this evidently got “lost in the mail”? It’s been three months since i mailed it to UK (when i guess it was supposed to get mailed to washington, US?)

Help me out!

You will need to ask Crowd Supply. They are the distribution channel.

they have not replied to my emails for 2 weeks. I emailed them directly after you replied here, and 7 days after that.

This is like a bad joke now.

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