Assistance with LimeSDR replacement

Hello All,

I happen to be the unlucky LimeSDR supporter with a defective board, see below:

I contacted CrowdSupply almost a week ago, for replacement instructions, and none of my 3 emails have been replied to. Seems like CrowdSupply are ignoring LimeSDR supporters.

All i would like to know is:

  1. Preferred courier/shipment method (with/without original packaging+accessories)
  2. Any special customs declaration required ?
  3. CrowdSupplpy is geared toward US customers. I already paid the VAT (+handling charge) on the board i own. I am not in a mood to pay another VAT on a replacement board, just because CrowdSupply do not care about those things.
  4. If they (CS) are ignoring everyone now how will i know/track the progress of my replacement

Can anyone from Myriad/Lime Micro assist with the above ?

Thank you.

Sorry to hear that! Sent an e-mail to Crowd Supply earlier and copied you in. Hopefully this will get resolved soon.

Thank you @andrewback . I will be checking for any replies from Crowd Supply to your email.

I’d like to know if this proceed also applies to my case. In other thread I describe how one input got damaged.

My board came functional and I already recognized it was my fault. (supposing short-circuit sensibility is not a board or design fault ) so I want to be fair and ask for a paid replacement.

Could Crowd Supply provide me a replacement apart from the delivery list?