Is my LimeSDR Mini defective?

I have gone through the LimeSDR mini Wiki. I was also pointed to this very helpful tutorial by MartyWittrock:
In the section “Installing the LimeSDR Mini” I have run the command LimeUtil --find and I get the same response that they show, except the s/n is different of course.
Then I run the LimeSuite GUI program and bring up the Connection box, highlight the board name and click “Connect”. The response is just as shown (except my GW is a slightly newer version, 1.26). So far things are working great!
Next it suggests to reset the device with default options by clicking the Default button at the top.
But when I click on Default I get a message that says Load Default Failed. If I click on the Reset button it says “Reset Failed”.
Where can I go from here to check if my unit is faulty (it is a new unit) and if it is, can I return it to Crowd Supply or to Lime Microsystems?

RMA is handled by Crowd Supply, but before this is arrange we would need @Zack to take you through some checks to confirm failure.

OK, I would be delighted to run more checks. Please proceed @Zack.

Hi @Deane,

I think you did it already, but just in case. What happens when you try to update the board? You can do it from LimeSuiteGUI. Connect to the board as you describe above, then go to Modules -> Programming. Make sure Programming mode is Auto and push Program button. Then try to connect to the board again. If this will not solve the issue, arrange RMA with Crowd Supply.

@Zack Thanks for you help. The result is “Programming Failed”. The error at the bottom of the screen says (in red) Error: Update not supported. UNKNOWN [HW=0].
I have applied for an RMA.