LimeSDR-Mini good but

LimeSDR-Mini good but …

I ordered a limesdr-mini, I did some tests and I have already run openbts, osmobts, gr-gsm, gr-dect2 and many others. She is really good.
By cons, CrowdSupply is to put in the trash. I received a twisted limesdr-mini, twisted usb port, slightly twisted card … It is not a transport problem, the package was impeccable, it is clearly a CrowdSupply person who had to drop it and walk on it before putting it in the box. It is inadmissible to receive an object in this state. I contacted CrowdSupply for a replacement, they asked me for photos, I sent them and then no more answers … I sent several emails but nobody answers me, what a shame. Shame on you, no after-sales service, if there is a problem, you lost. So I will not buy the limesdr, because I think that the limesdr-mini that I received will not live long given its condition. I’m going to go to Nuand, Ettus or whatever.
Conclusion: I do not advise limesdr or any other at CrowdSupply.

This is good to hear!

Ah, this is not good to hear. I’m wondering if this was over the Christmas period and perhaps they had fewer staff working. In any case, I will forward your comments and hopefully someone from Crowd Supply will be in touch.

Well, I’m coming back to tell you that I may be going too fast. They are on vacation at this time of year in the US.
CrowdSupply contacted me, they have seen the condition of the LimeSDR-Mini and they are in the process of replacement.
I am waiting and will keep you informed when the replacement will be made.

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Okay, I’m coming back to give you some information. The replacement of my LimeSDR-Mini was done by CrowdSupply, it took a little time because I am in France and there was the holidays… So sorry CrowdSupply on what I said, you made an excellent job.

Regarding the LimeSDR-Mini, I maintain what I said, I am impressed, really very powerful, currently there is nothing better for this price. LimeSDR-Mini does everything and adapts to everything like a chameleon … I can’t wait to test LimeSDR.

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Glad to hear that everything was resolved and thank you for the kind words!