LimeSDR mini 2.0 pricing correct?

Just received the Crowdsupply update for the new LimeSDR mini 2.0

Crowdsupply states $399,- dollar (add to that shipping and taxes for Europe)
Mouser sells the LimeSDR (full version) for € 327,75 euro free shipping no extra taxes.
The full version of the LimeSDR seems no longer available as PCB only at Crowdsupply.

Could someone of the MyriadRF team tell me were the logic is in this?

Br Pauluzs

I found this LimeSDR - End of Life Announcement | Crowd Supply

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Thanks for that link

However i wonder if Mouser orders at CrowdSupply or at LimeMicroSystems directly.
Mouser sites still states : You can still purchase this product for backorder.

Mouser states that items in back-order generally can be ordered, yes. I.e. you don’t have to wait for them to restock before you place your order from them.

However, in this case this does quite likely not apply since Crowd Supply are canceling all orders of the End-of-Line series of the LimeSDR, hence not being able to restock Mouser. :cry: