LIMESDR-USB Sales link

What is the appropriate LIMESDR-USB purchase channel. Crowdsupply is no longer selling it. (No sales link at least). Is it end of life?
Thanks in Advance.

Only the LimeSDR Mini 2.0 is available nowadays.

The full version (LimeSDR-USB) is available at mouser (18 weaks leadtime)
The mini 2.0 also ships in October according to Crowdsupply

Kicker is the Full version (LimeSDR-USB) at mouser is cheaper as the LimeSDR mini 2.0 at Crowdsupply.

I very much doubt Mouser will be restocked with the End-of-Life series of their LimeSDR items. They are most likely sourcing those from Crowdsuppy, now canceling all back-orders.

My mouser order from January got canceled a week ago. So dont put any hope into those lead times.