Where can i buy LimeSDR

i know this question might have been asked before but my question is what is the official site if i want to buy a LimeSDR ,online it always redirect me to crowdsupply but the delivery date is a year away is there a official site that i can buy a LimeSDR or LimeSDR mini 2.0 that can deliver now

The main distributors are Crowd Supply and Mouser.

Oh, thanks for pointing this out. I suspect the date on the LimeSDR Mini 2.0 page is a typo, as we put an update out a few weeks ago saying that any orders placed up until then should ship to distribution by end November.

I would expect this still to be true for orders placed today, as I doubt the additional stock left over after fulfilling backorders will have been depleted in such a short period of time. I’ll contact Crowd Supply!

oh i see ,now the date is 2023 instead of 2024 but there is no delivery to my country sadly (Lebanon)