Mouser stock for Lime-mini

Does anyone know if Mouser stocks the Lime-mini variant with the shielding in place? I see some wildly varying LO leakage (between -30 and -40 dB) even after calibration on my pre-production board that may be solved in the shielded version.
Also when will LimeNet micro become available for distributors like Mouser, Digikey?
I don’t want do deal with customs and delays by ordering from the US.

@adim - Adrian,

It appears that there are two sources for Mouser to obtain Lime Mini’s: Crowd Supply and Sparkfun. The Sparkfun source has the shield over the LMS7002 and has a part number of:


…and it’s listed as a RF Development tool. The Crowd Supply model is unshielded and has this part number in Mouser’s system:


Both are non-stocked and have a leadtime of 4 weeks (Sparkfun) and 7 weeks (Crowd Supply).

The LimeNET is procured by Mouser from Crowd Supply and has 19 on order with a 7 week delivery at this time. My guess is that you order it from your source locally and through the Mouser system they take the hit on customs getting it from the US to Europe. They’ll get you the part you want no matter what it takes on their side.

73 de Marty, KN0CK

That’s funny, Mouser had 100+ cs-lime-05 stock a week or so ago. Guess some retailer bought them all. I’ll go with the official Crowd Supply one even if they have no shielding. Hopefully Limenet Micro hits the distributors soon too.