LimeSdr Mine is not working in Windows 10

I have starting my LimeSdr Mini under Mint Linux and everything is working fine.
Under Win 10 the board is not properly recognized. I try all the drivers indicated but it is always failing.

Links please.

Inserting the LimeSDR Mine at USB Interface:

Led is blink alternating yellow and red colors…

Lime Suite GUI does not recognize the LimeSDR Mini:

Installing the diriers available in:

And reboting Windows, the board led is not blanking anymore and is a state indicated by the yellow color. Checking the driver with Zadig:


The Device manager shows the Myriad-RF LimeSDR-USB…but I wonder this driver is not the correct one for LimeSDR Mini


I wonder this driver is not the correct one for LimeSDR Mini…The hardware is ok as I could test it under Ubuntu. I wonder a installer would be welcomed because it should not be rocket science…

Hi @mathias,

You should use FTDI drivers instead of Cypress for LimeSDR-Mini. Are you sure you pointed to the driver downloaded from as stated in ?

Hi Zack,
When I try to reinstall this driver I got a message:

Windows does not recognize a device to be updated…

If you’re still confused…

Windows 10, as I remember, comes with the FTDI driver built in (which is what that message is telling you). I’m pretty sure I didn’t add install a driver for the board. When the LimeSDR Mini is plugged in my USB list shows two additional devices. An FTDI FT601 USB 3.0 Bridge Device and a USB Composite Device.

The best way to test is to run LimeSuite and try to connect. If you see the LimeSDR Mini (and preferably USB 3) then you’re good. You should be able to connect to it and reset it and set it to default and run a calibration.