Interfacing of Zedboard with LMS7002

I want to interface the Zedboard with LMS7002 RF IC. Is there any reference design available.

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I think the LMS7002M EVB (UNITE) board should do this:

But the interface of LMS7002M EVB (UNITE) board is given with STREAM Development Board and STREAM-UCWP. In that Altera FPGA is there but I want to interface it with Zedboard as it is having both PS and PL logic shells. Can you please suggest how to proceed?

The EVB has an FMC connector and here you can see it plugged into a Zedboard.

Thankx for your reply. Can you please suggest me any reference design for this combination or the link. I am searching for reference deign similar to that of FMCOMMs3 and zedboard hdl reference design. Plz help me.