EVB7 board where to buy?

Where can I buy the EVB7 board (Lime lms7002evb)?
There is also a STREAM board that complement the EVB7 board where can I get one of those also?


Hi @mauro,

These boards are phased out and no longer manufactured. I would suggest to go for LimeSDR-USB.

Hi @Zack,
Thanks for the answer.

We are already working with the LimeSDR USB, but sometimes we want to have access to the analog signal (the LMS7002M datasheet shows that some pins of the IC gives you access to some analog signals in the Rx and Tx parts).
The EVB7 board has connector to access many of this analog signals, correct?
Can we have access to this analog signals with the LimeSDR_USB)?

Hi @mauro,

Yes, you are correct. There is no analog base band signals accessible on LimeSDR-USB.
The only board with analog base band signals accessible is LimeSDR-QPCIe, but there are external DAC and ADCs connected to it. Check schematic of LimeSDR-QPCIe and contact Lime Sales for purchase if you see it suitable for your application.