Driver for LimeSDR mini v2

I am new user on LimeSDR mini v2. Trying to get drivers for Windows 10 on the Web. But seems without luck. Where I can get driver? Does previous revision of LimeSDR mini driver the same fit to LimeSDR mini v2?

Hi. Same here :slight_smile:

For the driver I’ve followed the LimeSDR_Windows_Driver_Installation. That was enough for me to get the latest LimeSuit to work (the test program and the LimeSuitGUI to see that the SDR is working etc).

For the actual radio software is a bit more tricky story. SDR++ seems possible to make to work, but needs the LimeSuit.dll to be updated. And it also have some quirks like you need to change the bandwidth after starting the radio.

P.S. Note that this is something that worked for me. Maybe there is some other or easier ways of starting with the radio.

Thanks Sergey, Driver already has installed. LimeSuite seen receiver. Is it correct suggestion what should to be installed driver as in screenshot below? In SDRConsole I got some results, seems receiver working.


Hello Limeuser,

It is my understanding that from the above information, you have the correct version of driver and firmware installed for a LimeSDR Mini V2. Now just a matter of finding a software package that will work with the V2.


The device manager seems the same as mine.
The Device Info I guess is from an SDR software of some sort? I had the similar UNKNOWN/UNSUPPORTED device report when an older LimeSuite was used.