Broken transformer T4 TCM1-63AX+ (RX1-H)

Hello Guys,

After struggling with the coax connecters i see that the top from the transformer T4 TCM1-63AX+ (RX1-H) is broke off.
It looks like this small plate itself is not broken. Maybe i can just glue it again.
Is this possible and what glue shall i use?

Regards Ben

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The plate on the top is just for the pick and place machine to place the component. If the toroid and wires are not damaged it should be fine.

These transformers are very easy to damage… it is bad very much.
Where can I buy this transformer cheaply?
On Aliexpress - they are unrealistically expensive for 1 piece!

sysmocom sell them:

It 's very expensive for such a spare part. Its price should be 10-20 cents…

Well, it isn’t I’m afraid and I suspect that if it could have been designed with a part which cost less and gave the same performance, it probably would have been. I also don’t think the price sysmocom are charging is bad, considering 20 off price from Mini Circuits is stated as being $6.95.