Where to get missing transformer TCM1-63AX+ for LimeSDR


since last week, I am the proud owner of a LimeSDR that I bought used on ebay here in Germany.

However, the transformer for the RX2H path was damaged by the previous owner.

Does anybody know, where I could get a replacement transformer?

According to the circuit diagram, the missing part is a TCM1-63AX+ by minicircuits.

I found a supplier on Alibaba, but they charge $12 for 1, which including shipping, taxes and customs duty will probably amount to $50 in total. Is there a cheaper way to get this part or can I use a part from a different manufacturer?



Hi @Felix,

Made enquiries to see if there is any way we could help.




From the Bill of Material (BOM) for the LimeSDR:

You’ll need to determine which ‘T’ number it is, but they are available from Mini-Circuits and if my crumbling memory recalls right they’re about $4.00 each. These are off the shelf items and are not custom transformers.

Let us know if there’s anything else - 73 de Marty, KN0CK

Thanks! Minicircuits will only sell a minimum of 20 at $7, but I found a Chinese supplier, who will sell me one for $15.


Due to several people from the Osmocom community running into the same problem, and Mini-Circuits having a MOQ-20, we have added the TCM1-63AX to the sysmocom webshop. You can order them from http://shop.sysmocom.de/products/tcm1-63ax-plus-rf-transformer-10-6000-mhz-1-3db-il