Top of transformer came off

Should I have any concern that the flat “GU” top came off on two of the baluns?

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Something fell off during assembly of the enclosure - #3 by ccsh

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Likely your matching networks are all out of wack with those pieces of the magnetics missing. Those pieces almost certainly tuned the ferrite core to a specific response, without them it’s no longer tuned as it should be. Does it still work, probably, but probably not as well as it did before.

You probably need to go look up the schematic for the board, find out what those parts are, the values and go look up some electronics supplier like mouser or digikey and get replacements. Hopefully you own and are good with a hot air gun, or know someone who is.

IIRC those pieces on the top of the transformers are simply for the pick and place machines to pick them up by. So provided the ferrite itself and any of the wires are not damaged, it shouldn’t cause any problems.