Use LimeSDR with broken TCM1-63AX transformer?

I just broke the transformer TCM1-63AX to TX1_2. But by now actually I don’t use this port. To make sure can I still use LimeSDR with other ports ? I have tested send signal from Tx1_1 and receive at RX1_L and everything seems work ok

Thank you for your help

I also broke mine off soon after getting my board. I have used TX2 when I need this range for now. I may even redesign that output on TX1 if I need it for something.

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It will make no influence to other ports.

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Thank you for your confirmation @Zack

The transformers are readily available from Digikey and are in the parts list (BOM) for the LimeSDR - so picking up a new one and soldering it in is not too difficult.

73 de Marty, KN0CK


This, and the fact that there was another one on the board is what has kept me from repairing mine. :wink:

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My TX2_2 transformer is also broken. I bought one on ebay which is shipping now from China, than we are going to solder it and I’m curious if it will work.

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As posted in September the TX2_2 transformer (T7) of my Lime was damaged. I don‘t know how it happened (loose connection), but the quick test didn‘t work.

The picture on the left side above shows the quick test with damaged transformer, on the right side above you see the broken transformer. After being replaced the quick test worked fine, picture on the left side below. On the right side below you see the replaced and soldered transformer on the Lime :wink:
Many thanx to Tim, who is running a soldering service in Cologne and did a real good job.
Stay tuned

Due to several people from the Osmocom community running into the same problem, and Mini-Circuits having a MOQ-20, we have added the TCM1-63AX to the sysmocom webshop. You can order them from