During assembly of the sma pigtails I managed to chop off the transformer of RX2H. Sometimes my second left hand kicks in…

While I can do without a second receiver I would like to fix the issue. Does anybody know who supplies these in Europe or in Germany and is willing to sell a single item?

I believe Mini-circuits doesn’t use normal distribution channels, I’ve always purchased my parts from them directly through their web store. I’m in the U.S. so I don’t know how shipping would be handled to Europe.

Just checked, that part is the TCM1-63AX+, and apparently Mini-circuits has a U.K. warehouse, but, that part is only order able in 20+.

@Kryan92 Thank you - the part# is very helpful. Sourcing will be a problem, though. Same is probably true for the smd caps needed for full rf-modification.