What is the relationship between Limesuite GUI and MCU programm?

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Currently, I am debugging the Limesuite USB dev.kit with the changed MCU progrom. I have already loaded the hex file of MCU through Limesuite GUI . meanwhile, I found the registers have been changed with the new values assinged with MCU. but the parameters on the GUI of Limesuite have not been changed. for example, I assigned the lowest two bits of register 0x0020 from 01 to 10, in theory, the chananl on the GUI should be changed from A channel to B channel. of course, there are still other parameters not be changed on the GUI, through their values have been changed in MCU programm. Could you pls help me to explain the cause? if I load the MCU programming file from GUI, what the relationship between GUI and MCU? Whose change will affect another? for example, When I change the settings of GUI, Does it affect MCU or not? Are there any documents to stress these concerns?
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There can only be one master for the SPI bus, it’s either MCU, or GUI/PC/Baseband. So while the GUI is controlling the chip, MCU won’t be able to read/write chip’s registers and vice versa. The switch is controlled by 0x0006[0] SPISW_CTRL bit. While the SPI master is the MCU, 0x0000-0x0006 registers can still be used from the GUI because they are dedicated for controlling MCU behaviour.

Thanks Ricardas for your quick response. Could you pls help me to axplain the following two concerns?

1 If I download my MCU programming file from GUI, According to your previous explanation, I could not use the GUI to control the LMS7002M chip, Could I use the GUI to check the results generated by MCU? such as FFT Viewer? Which tools on GUI could be used by me to observe the results after downloading the MCU programming file through GUI?
2 As you known, I could not use the Keil Uversion to debug the MCU programm online. I will use the MCU to calibrate the LMS7002M chip on my own board in the coming days. Could you pls tell how I can check the calibration results and the working state of LMS7002M chip?
Thanks very much!
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  1. You can use FFT viewer while the MCU is in control, but the sampling frequency should not be changed if you want to see correct data, otherwise FPGA and the chip will be running at different rates.
    After your MCU program is finished you can switch control back to GUI and then readback all registers by pressing “CHIP->GUI” button.
  2. The best advise I can give to you is make and debug your algorithm running on PC, and only then make it run on the MCU. At least that’s the way I did it. You can see that in the LimeSuite/mcu_program/host_src directory. Write the program in C, run it from PC, if it works, then compile the same source with Keil, and run it on MCU, compare results.