Lms7002m gui

Dear Lime Team(@Zack )

I and my companion have created a developing board using LMS7002M. After our test, we found some problem with the GUI:

  1. The function of calibration cannot be used;
  2. The function of filter tuning cannot be used;
  3. The function of temperature reading is wrong.

I think maybe GUI or firmware we use is mismatched with our chip version. The chip version information is Ver:7 Rec:1 Mask:1.

Can you give me a matched version of Gui and firmware ?

Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards,

Hello @gundanfans,

Here you will find all the information:

Hello (@Zack )

Thanks for your reply.
I have checked the link you gave me. I cannot find the mcu hex file corresponding to the latest gui version. I just can find the mcu hex file of calibration and usb3.
The function of Tx and Rx can be used now by my old version mcu file. But the fuction of Rx Filter tune still have some problem.