VCOL/VCOM/VCOH Autoselect - Possible Bug?

I found this behavior using CubicSDR and was able to reproduce with LimeSuite as well.

I have a signal at ~59 MHz (RX port). I can see it when I’m tuned to 60 Mhz, and can’t at 61 MHz. I noticed this is the range when VCO switch should occour (VCOH → VCOL):

To reproduce in LimeSuite, at SXR tab:

  1. calculate and tune to 80Mhz (VCOM is autoselected),
  2. calculate and tune to 60 Mhz (VCOH is autoselected).
  3. calculate and tune to 61 MHz (VCOM!!! is autoselected)

Note, it’s not deterministic, but I can reproduce it with ~90% probability.

Version: 19.04.1-PhotosSDR-2020.01.26-vc14-x64
Windows build

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