Unable to get it working // Constant upgrade fails

I have been trying to make my LimeSDR work for some days. First day I upgraded with LimeSuiteGUI both FX3 and FPGA.

GQRX constantly says that it can’t change the BW, and maybe the device is not working, now when I try to reupgrade the device I constantly get random errors, some times it works, other times it doesn’t and I have to reflash FX3 firmware, first to RAM and later to Flash ( only sometimes work … )

I have used both USB connectors so it have enough power…

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?


Run the quicktests, following the wiki instructions and report results here. That’s the basic test to start with to eliminate any complex software problems/configs.


Sorry for the late reply.

I have tried with the laptop and it works fine, so I supose it will be related my desktop USB power. It has USB 3.0 and a good motherboard, so I don’t explain myself why it does not work well :confused:

If I found more problems while testing I will report

PD: I have been able to pass the basic test

Thanks for your help.


How do you know that you’re connected to USB3 on your desktop pc? Sometimes the aux. usb ports are only for USB2.

Hello David,

I did the same as you, thinking that the lead supplied had two connections due to power supply requirements, but I found that this only caused issues as some times the ubunutu machine would report a USB 3 connection and at other times a USB 2 connection. I also found that the USB3 connection on the front of my computer (tested on two identical hardwares one running ubunutu the other win7) gave intermittent USB3 connectivity, I have since plugged a USB3 extension lead into the back of both machines and have nice stable operation on either machine with out using the split cable supplied with the LimeSDR.


Used lsusb utility on Linux to see to wich USB hub is connected to, and it was connected to an USB 3.0 one.

On later tests it’s working, now I’m also using a non split cable. Also I have found that the provided cable is very hard to disconnect from the LimeSDR and I’m afraid to broke it.

Now I’m battleing against software. Also getting poor reception. I cannot see wifi 2.4 channels on LNAW, LNAH or LNAL, for example.

How can I check that my board ( or maybe pigtais ) work ok on reception?


On my Ubuntu machine I have been experimenting with SDRAngel as a transceiver and found it works quite well as a receiver, but it did take a bit to get it going to start with. Need to read through this thread SDRAngel if you are interested