Selling 2 of my LimeSDR's

Hi all,

I have 2 LimeSDR’s for sale, they both work perfectly and have the latest firmware. One is already mounted in a Luftek enclosure the other will come with the enclosure kit and sma pigtails.
Both come with all te original packaging.
They are located in the UK so if you are in Europe here is your chance to avoid VAT/import duty and customs waits.

I’d like £200 for each.

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I am interested for second non mounted,
but just wandering about the reason for selling them both?
Have UK mailing address, too.


I am starting a new contract but the company had me waiting for too long and now I need to cover myself until pay day.
Really fought about the decision to sell them but it’s last minute and these are the only items I have that are a hot sell.
Once I get the pay flowing again it’s back onto the list for a replacement, these things are awesome but I need to work more than I need an SDR.
I still have my HPSDR kit as well, it’s old so not really in demand or I would have let that go first.

The mounted kit has the HF mod applied already, the unmounted is as it came from the factory.


Your Call sounds so damned familiar. Have we made a QSO on 40M before ?

Would have been a while ago though, circa 2010 and I am interested in the HF Mod’d unit.

One unmounted & unmodified, paid,
about to be shipped out.
Thank You Todd

Hi all, they both sold.
That was too fast, Ill regret this I am sure.

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Are you still selling the Mounted Kit ?

Nope, both are gone.