For Sale: LimeSDR with extras

Looking to sell my LimeSDR. Unfortunately I just haven’t had time to use it and with a new job approaching and with a growing family I don’t anticipate I’ll have time in the future, either. Here’s the list of stuff I’m selling:

LimeSDR with micro-USB type B port. (Original box and cable)
Aluminum case (100x76x35mm) with the PCB front/rear panels from luftek (not assembled)
10x U.FL to SMA female pigtails (10cm)
2x U.FL to RP-SMA female pigtails (10cm)
MicroUSB Bias-T from kolaczek-cz
RM-SMA Male Active GPS Antenna (3m)
SMA male to SMA male cable (6.5 inches)

Looking over my list I see now that I didn’t get the right adapters to even be able to connect my GPS antenna. Bummer. Asking $280 for the whole kit shipped to USA. If international, I’ll need to add on additional shipping charges. PM me if interested.

I’d like to buy your kit, but I’m in the Russian Federation. How can I pay for it? If you sell it on the eBay, I can buy it.

Is it still for sale?

Sale is pending

Please let me know if the sale falls through…I’m interested in purchasing a new LimeSDR as mine has been damaged and unlikely I’ll be able to fix it.