LimeSDR PCIe logs "L" warnings in ReceivePacketsLoop()

Using the LimeSDR PCIe v1.2 and gets “L” warnings in the log for resetFlagsDelay failing constantly, both using soapy and gr. LimeSuite compiled from scratch on Debian 9. What is this and how do I get rid of it…?

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Upgrading the FPGA gateway core from 1.12 to 1.14 solved the problem as well as a few others.

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Can you please share a getting started guide on how to proceed with LimeSDR PCIe. Does it run out of the box or is there any extra step to do to make it run. Also what libraries I should use to develop my own C/C++ application to control the board. Thanks


Start here with the Documentation section - there’s a lot there:

Also, please do not post the same question in different parts of the forum - it’s a good way to get booted out.

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Just a few things worth mentioning regarding the PCIe hardware:

  • The Linux kernel must be compiled with CONFIG_XILLYBUS=y and CONFIG_XILLYBUS_PCIE=y to recognize the card.
  • LimeUtil --update does not work with the PCIe card. You need to recompile the FPGA code yourself to update it.
  • Neither does LimeQuickTest.