Need Limesdr pcie 1v4 gateware file

Hello all,

I am having a LimeSDR pcie 1v4 board and the USB drive given with that board has a has 1v3 gateware files.
IS it ok to use those files to flash the FPGA? if not can any one provide me the necessary files for the HW 1v4 board.

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Srikanth Reddy.

@Zack ?

Hi @srikanthbomma,

There is no LimeSDR-PCIe board version 1v4. The latest is 1v3.
Could you post your board photo, please.

Hello Zack,

Very very sorry. My mistake, i got confused with the USB version and PCIE version.
We have a PCIE version 1.3 and a USB version 1.4s boards.

we are able to get the FM radio working on USB board using “SDRConsole v3 (in windows 7)” applying the “EasyFix1 – remove MN18 inductor on RX1_L input matching network for better performance at lower frequencies”.
we tried to do the same FM radio on the PCIE board but it did not work, and we are not sure if we have to apply the EasyFix1 to the PCIE board also, please suggest.

Thanks a lot for the reply,

Best Regards,
Srikanth Reddy.