Problems with MyRIAD RF LMS6002 Chip Tx


I have problems to do a simple TX test - to send a sine wave on the DAC. I have turned on Hard TX Enable and the SOFT TX enable and also have drove the TX IQ select and TX CLK but on the spectrum analyzer can see only carrier.

Any suggestions?

Hi @enapolo

Can you share your register setup for TRx?

I guess you have cheched whether you have TX CLK clock on MyriadRF board.


Hi, @RicardasVadoklis I uploded the project file.


What is your CW frequency? Please note that you are setting the TX LPF filter to 0.75 MHz.! So make sure that CW is below 0.75 MHz or increase filter BW.


The carrier frequency is set to 5.21 GHz! I thought the LMS6002 chip is limited to approx. 4 GHz…

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The carrier frequency is 2140 MHz and I have tested different filter BW, but there are only carrier.


In your project file the TX synthesizer is set to 0.8816 GHz. Btw, what is the level of the LO you are measuring? Does ti depend on the Tx gain settings?