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Fellow LimeSDR Members,

As long as I’ve been associated with the LimeSDR effort you’d think I’d be an authority on this issue, but I’m not…I’m asking for direction on how to program my LimeSDR to an earlier version of firmware and not use the auto-programming tool to do it. How does one program the .IMG and .RBF into the Lime for an earlier version of firmware? Please let me know the (correct) procedure and tools. There are earlier versions of SDRAngel that worked great with the Lime that I want to go back to (until they’re fixed with the updated firmware) to work with earlier, and working, versions of SDRAngel.

Let me know - this ‘graybeard’ must have lost my gray-matter along the way on programming the LimeSDR… :smile:

73 de Marty, KN0CK

I’ve done it a lot lately due to my issues in

I have installed several versions of LimeSuite by checking out the sources for a specific tag (like v17.06.0), building and running it from the builddir/bin or builddir/LimeUtil. I’ve also done it through pybombs with a limesuite.lwr recipe.

You can also use
LimeUtil --fw=LimeSDR-USB_HW_1.3_r3.0.img
LimeUtil --fpga=LimeSDR-USB_HW_1.4_r2.8.rbf

by going to

And locating the one you want.

I then check with:

LimeUtil --make

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@martywittrock I haven’t done the latest firmware update. If someone can figure out how to clone & install, I will be a guinea pig.