Parameters for Osmocom block


I just received my LimeSDR and we are wanting to begin testing our antenna to characterize the environment. We are using a 2.4-2.5GHz antenna connected to the RX1_H port. The LimeSDR is connected to a PC running GNU radio companion on Debian.

Since I am fairly new to all of this, I have had a hard time selecting the correct parameters on the source block. Therefore, I have multiple questions like is there a recommended sampling rate, value for gain, bandwidth and/or other parameters that could skew my results. I do not know if it is just standardized values or if we need specify values for the LimeSDR.

One other questions I have is: how do I specify on the source block which receive port I am using and is it possible to switch ports?

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Any recommendations @andrewback?
I will post a screenshot of my gnuradio screen soon.

Hello @nuszkowskir,

Here is an example of GNU Radio project for LimeSDR and ~2.4 GHz frequency:

Screenshot, in case you are in hurry :wink: :

I would like to note that Gqrx fits better for a quick environment exploration. Here are my parameters for it (for 2.4 GHz case change LNAL to LNAH):


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We just wanted to do it on GNU radio since that is what we would run our ground station on.
I hope to get a screenshot of my screen shortly.



Here is what I have on my desktop to try to test our antenna and SDR.