Antenna selection in GNU Radio, gqrx and the physical board

i read some topics about the antenna selections.
I want to confirm that:
1\if i select LNAH in gqrx when using limesdr to receive signals. Does It means i use RX1_H and RX2_H on the physical board?
2\if i select channel A and LNAH in limesdr rx block in gnuradio , does it mean that i am using RX1_H antenna on the physical board?
3\as for TX when using limesdr to transmit signals, if selecting channel A and BAND1 in gnuradio, it means i am using TX1_1 antenna on the physical board?
4\osmosdr block is the same on using antenna as limesdr block.

That’s right, it would be a high band port.

That would be my guess, but @Garmus should be able to confirm.

Again, sounds right. For port details, see:

I would have expected so, but as far as I’m aware gr-osmosdr is not maintained and I would recommend using gr-limesdr where possible.