No device found problem, Westbridge device


Recently, i started to use Lime SDR USB on Ubuntu.
But since today, i can’t see my device in Lime Suite GUI.

The command "LimeUtil --find’, returns :
Westbridge, media=USB 2.0, module=FX3,addr=04B4:00f3, serial = 0000000004BE

I saw that it indicates corruption in the FX3 firmware.
As i saw here.
I tried to follow the steps chapter 4 but i can’t process after the step 1 because the device isn’t found in Lime Suite GUI.

If anybody has a an idea, it would be very appreciated.

You have to load the Cypress USB3 software. I had this problem a long time ago, and unfortunately I can’t remember how I did it. You should check up in the Lime SDR notes. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Cyusb3_USB_source is the software you need.
LimeSDR-USB_fx3_fw.img is what you need to bring it back to life.


Thank’s for yours answers. I’ll try this.

Hi @canaan,

Is FX3 Boot jumper (next to USB connector) mounted? Try to un-mount and mount it again if it is installed.

Yes, i already to that.
I use Cypress USB software which fix the issue.