New Unit not working

I just bought a LimeSDR USB and naively I expected it to work on arrival. I downloaded the drivers and updated the driver as advised. The deviation ce moved within device manager to the USB controller section as Cypress FX3 USB Bootloader Device. Running LimeSuite options Connection Settings tells me it is a Westbridge USB2.0 4 BE.
At this point I am stuck and the device is as much use as a chocolate fire guard. Can someone help?


first of all check if “FX3 BOOT” jumper (by USB connector) is on. If it is on then FX3 flash may not be programmed/corrupted. You can try to program it manually using LimeSuiteGUI.

  1. Download the latest FX3 fw:
  2. Connect to “Westbridge” using LimeSuite.
  3. Ignore errors and go to modules->programming
  4. Select mode “FX3 RAM”, select FW file (Open button) and press program.
  5. if it succeeds, you should see LimeSDR-USB in connection settings
  6. Connect to LimeSDR-USB. And now choose “Automatic” mode in modules->programming


Thank you very much. The jumper was not in so I downloaded the firmware version and programmed it.
It now shows correctly in device manager.

This is progress for me. Now I will move onto the next step