New LimeSDR USB no power

I just received my LimeSDR unit and I haven’t been able to connect to it. I haven’t seen any LEDs light up when I’ve connected it to usb. I’ve tried three different computers with three different operating systems. I opened an RMA with Crowd Supply and they told me to come here first. Doing research I found some commonly requested measurements.

Here is what I get on my board when connected to USB port on Mac:

Vcc Ext: 3.8V
Vcc Int: 0V
FR38 to GND outside (closest to USB port): 5.16V
FR38 to GND inside: 0V

FR38: open
FR38 inside to GND: short

Are there any other measurements to take or anything else I can do?


@Zack could you advise, please.

Hi @jaspid,

Ask CrowdSupply for RMA, please. Sorry for that.