Limesdr USB no power LED


I tried to powert my LmieSDR USB with external 9V and it seems it did not appreciate it: since, it does not start, all LEDs are off, the device is no longer seen by eg the LimeSuite Gui…

Any guess ? What are my options ?


@john1 - John,

You only need to have the LimeUSB powered from the LimeUSB to a USB 3.0 USB jack on your host PC - in most cases the LimeSDR USB doesn’t need an external power supply to operate. Put the USB 3.0 onto your LimeSDR USB and plug it into your host PC running LimeSuite and try it again - look for lights. If there are still no lights and you just purchased this board, then obtain an RMA from Crowdsupply to have your board exchanged.

Hope this helps -

73 de Marty, KN0CK

How was the 9V connected to the LimeSDR?

It was connected with the jack to a power bank delivering 9V (which I checked)

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