MyriadRF Downloads HTTPS certificate

I’m trying to get binaries for using the LimeSDR on windows. I cannot access the site because the SSL certificate used there is only valid for and, and Firefox will not override because the site indicates that the page should only be loaded securely via HSTS. For now it seems the only option for windows is to build from source, unless binaries are available elsewhere. Are others having this problem?


We are aware of this and it’s because the main website has been upgraded and now has a stricter HTTPS policy, which means that once you’ve visited that site your browser will require a HTTPS connection for all sub-domains.

Just to be clear, does not have a server certificate and is presently HTTP only. The error message is confusing…

We do plan to move over to SSL, but first we need to validate that LimeSuiteGUI and LimeUtil will still be able to download updates. In the meantime you can just open a “private” browser window.

That works for me. Thank you very much!