Firmware won't download

So, have the new LimeSDR up and making noise :smiley: BUT trying to get the latest firmware up, and I get this msg.

I have looked here to see if similar issues exist, and see something similar from a long time ago, but I try to follow the links, with no success. ANY suggestions on how to correct this. I think one of the SDR issues is from the old firmware, I can’t get the LimeSDR to work with GQRX, but it works with weak audio with CubicSDR.

Might try GNU Radio, but have a feeling the firmware is a good place to start. Appreciate any help.


Well answered my own question… found the comment on the forum about this site / download site not having https, so I could not get there without turning off secure browsing.

FIXED :smiley: and updated.

HERE IS THE Thread that talked about this: Debian packages: firmware download fails