LTE with LimeSDR proposal

We would like to take part in the Radio Access Demo Competition by proposing a project of deploying OAI-eNB and OAI-EPC on a commodity computer.

LTE is a high demanding application that can show the full ability of LimeSDR. Although there are already multiple software solutions providing LTE network. But they are usually expensive or hard to install. By demonstrating our project, we want to give some confidences to LimeSDR users who want to try LTE solutions from OAI. We will also try to sort out the setup procedures, this way amateurs can also give it a try.

Please Stay tuned.

(Team member: Antonio, Aric)


Here’s the video:

Thanks for video. Are you going to share your setup procedure? Or just more details about the subject.

Interested to contribute to this project …

I am currently working on better PA/LNA for the basestation. The setup is done by a friend of mine, I will ask him to share it.

Was there any movement on your project, I recently purchased a LimeSDR and would like to try this.