LimeSDR-XTRX max RX bandwidth


Im trying to evaluate the LimeSDR-XTRX and I would like to know how to achieve 120 MSPS SISO.
When using LimeSuiteNG I can only get to ~32MSPS before I get some clockgen errors


Tagging @VytautasB and @Zack for comment, but if you could also provide more details of your hardware configuration. E.g. what have you plugged the board into.

Pull latest changes of LimeSuiteNG, and try these commands.
This should configure the board for 122.88 MSPS:
limeConfig -d XTRX --rxen=1 --rxpath=LNAL --rxoversample=1 --samplerate=122.88e6 --rxlo=1e9 --txen=1 --txpath=Band1 --txoversample=1 --txlo=1.1e9 --initialize
This should start samples streaming to confirm the actual sampling rate:

limeTRX -d XTRX --log=debug --linkFormat=I12

Samples received: 16384
Samples received: 61472768
/dev/LimeXTRX0_trx0 Rx: 376.358 MB/s | TS:122886144 pkt:480024 o:0(+0) l:0(+0) dma:14468/14472(4) swFIFO:0
Samples received: 122912768
Samples received: 184352768
/dev/LimeXTRX0_trx0 Rx: 376.320 MB/s | TS:245766144 pkt:960024 o:0(+0) l:0(+0) dma:28932/28936(4) swFIFO:0
Samples received: 245792768

Thanks. It seems to work however I can’t see my signal correctly. How do you select A or B?

Please describe the setup you are trying to do. The command lines were just an example to set the sampling rate to 122.88 MSPS, there are multiple possible antenna paths for Rx (LNAL, LANH, LANW), and might need gain, LPF, or other parameters to be adjusted according to your setup.

Generally in SISO mode only A channel is used, so the limeGUI or limeTRX currently does not provide arguments to explicitly specify only B channel to be streamed. But in code it’s possible to specify the indexes of which channels’ samples should be in the stream limeTRX.cpp#L483

Thank you, that’s very helpful!

Wondering how useful this is because it would require Analogue RX LPFH to be bypassed (max filter bandwidth is 75MHz)? Am i correct?